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  1. hey,big t how was your day

  2. It’s very exiting to find your website. I’m so delighted by your way of thinking and writing. Have you thought about writing a book?

    • I have written and illustrated a few books already
      But they are used for classroom visits
      (as well as donated to a Kentucky reading clinic)

      I’m currently working on a couple more
      Which hopefully will someday find their way to a store

      (Except maybe they won’t make it all the way to ya
      If you’re really writing me from Australia)

  3. Johannah Mayerchak

    Hi Big t and Little Bro

    I am having a great Day!

    How are you?

    I am going to my ant’s house today to play on there insanely fun big WATER SLIDE!



  5. Big T what do you do when your bored?

    • What do I do when I’m bored?
      There’s always something to pass the time

      Read a book or draw a picture
      Check my website, maybe dance a little
      Play in the backyard, ride my bike,
      Watch a movie – there’s so many things to do that I like

  6. Quinn Gallagher

    Hi Big T
    Thanks for coming to our school!!!!
    Quinn Gallagher
    Mrs. Reinker’s class

  7. Hey Big T! I should tell you I am in Miss Spencer’s class. We are having a Field/Activity Day! It’s going to be so fun!

    • I hope you enjoy all your fun and games
      It’s going to be a fantastic day
      By the way – have fun this weekend too
      And I will see you (and Miss Spencer’s class) on Monday

  8. Christina Spencer

    Hey Big T,
    What is the tallest tree in Ohio?

    – Miss Spencer’s class

  9. katie reinker

    Can you make us a cover for our books?

  10. Hey Big T! Could you draw a picture of your favorite time in your life?

  11. katie reinker

    Dear Big T,
    Are there any Ohio bees that do not sting?

  12. Christina Spencer

    Miss Spencer’s class would like to know what types of owls live in Ohio?

  13. Johannah Mayerchak

    Hey Big T and Little Bro! Do you like to hike in the mountains?

    (please do it in a form of a picture it is okay if you don’t want to)


  14. katie reinker

    Big T can you tell us about any Ohio animals that make their homes (habitats) on hills.

  15. Dear big T,Why are you called Big T? You can call me Lizza or Elizabeth. I hope you like my message! Bye!

  16. Dear big T,Me and my twin sister lizza would like to know how old you are.PLEASE POST IT IN COMICS!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Johannah Mayerchak

    Forget that other question.

    I want to know if you guys can tell me.

    what your favorite color is?

    O one more thing does Big T and Little Bro do chores to earn some money?

    I do I fold laundry to earn a one dollar bill. I’m saving up for a phone a laptop and drums. Bye!

  18. Johannah Mayerchak

    Hi Big T! I want to know if there any insects that fly.

  19. its ok if you can’t.

    • You know, Vivian, I love drawing pictures
      But I need a little help from you
      Little Bro and I play: What should we do next?
      Where you HELP US by giving us something to do

      • you know what,I think that you should draw what inspires you and how you feel.I hope you will come up with a wonderful picture.

      • people like you can draw amazing things.

      • It’s people like you who keep me inspired
        But I have to admit I’m a little tired
        I helped our neighbor in her garden today
        So I’m gonna cheat a little – if I may

        I’m posting a picture I drew at the start
        Before I had a webpage full of Big T art
        The Columbus Zoo is for you, Vivian Yu

        (and you can check out the Art Heart in the April archive
        it’s one of my favorite’s and that’s no jive)

  20. Can you draw a picture.

  21. never mind that question before, I mean what endangered insects live in ohio

  22. what endangered animals live in ohio?

  23. Christina Spencer

    Hey Big T! Miss Spencer’s class would like to know what animals in Ohio are endangered?

  24. Dear big T,Is there any opossoms for pets?

  25. amelia hughes

    does bigt take gymnastics class ?

  26. Danny Stewart

    Does Big T and Little Bro go to school like us?

  27. katie reinker

    What are some Ohio meat eating animals and plant eating animals?

  28. Johannah Mayerchak

    Does is Big T and Little Bro have any special memories from there adventures.

    I do like when we were going to find some animals for our book. I saw a lot of birds.

    (It was really really FUN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (You can do what we did if you never done it before)

    • Johannah Mayerchak

      (please answer in picture)

      (It’s okay if you don’t want to)

      • You know what, Johannah?
        Our adventures are in our books
        And someday when we publish them
        I’d love you to take a look

        But for now, there’s the free coloring book
        Our adventure in Downtown Columbus – go look!

  29. stephanie showalter

    Does Big T and Little Bro have a BIG trap?

    • Johannah Mayerchak

      That’s a good one!!!

    • Stephanie, I’m not quite sure I know what you mean
      when you say trap … do you mean trap like trap-eze?

      • Johannah Mayerchak

        Stephanie is trying to say trampoline.

      • Oh………….
        Trap as in tramp – only the ‘m’ is missing
        Something always goes missing when doing some typing
        Little Bro and I call it crazy fingers
        and it’s crazy what fingers can do without meaning to

        We do not have a trampoline
        But we sometimes jump on the bed – when no one is looking

  30. Johannah Mayerchak

    Does Big T and Little Bro have READ-A-THON at school?

    We are having READ-A-THON at ALCOTT Elementary School.

    We bring:
    1small pillow
    1small blanket and
    1small stuffed animal

    (It is going to be really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  31. Johannah Mayerchak

    What does Big T and Little Bro know about plants and animals? I just wonder.

  32. Johannah Mayerchak

    Dose Big T and Little Bro tie die shirts? I asked that because we are tie dieing shirts we are tie dieing them YELLOW because it is the color of happiness:) (I can’t wait to tie die them)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yellow is the color of happiness
      Blue is the color of sky and sea
      Green is the color of healthiness
      And orange is the color of me – Big T!

      No, we have never tie-dyed a shirt
      Little Bro would like to know if it hurts?

  33. Amelia Hughes

    Do Big T and little bro have any pets? If so what kind and how many?

    • Little Bro REALLY wants to get a puppy
      But first he has to prove his responsibility!
      Puppies need walked and cleaned and fed
      So maybe we’ll get a goldfish instead.

      (at least until he proves himself)

    • Johannah Mayerchak

      THAT’S A GREAT ONE and FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Johannah Mayerchak

    Does Big T and Little Bro go on adventures like in the woods?

    • There’s nothing we like better than adventures together
      We go lots of places in all kinds of weather

      We go to the woods and hike through the trees
      We jump off of stuff and like to shout ‘Wheeeeeee’

      We like the sights and sounds and smells of nature
      We DO like the forest – that’s a fact! that’s for sure!!

      • Johannah Mayerchak

        WOW that is cool that Big T and Little Bro go on adventures like us. We are going on a adventure we are going in the woods!!!!!

  35. Christina Spencer

    Miss Spencer’s class from Alcott would like to know if there are any endangered plants or trees in Ohio?

  36. Anna Stinson

    Does Big T and Little Bro have summer break?

  37. Katie Reinker

    Mrs. Reinker’s class wants to know about the reptiles and amphibians that live in ohio’s habitats.

  38. Can you introduce Big T to Alcott Elemtary Second Graders? I can show them the website and they will think it’s really cool. Thanks you’re the best!


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